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Lippan Art

Lippan Art

Lippan Art, or Lippan Kaam also known as Mud and Mirror Work. Lippan or mud washing is an ethnic form of art done on inner walls of houses using mixture of clay and camel dung by making intricate patterns using glass pieces to create designs. This form of art uses mixture of ceramic for different surfaces, shaping clay to create various designs, mirror pieces and acrylic paints.
In this structured, module-based, 20-hours course, you will start with learning about different surfaces for this art form and how to prepare them, then learn how to make ceramic mixture for different surfaces (MDF board), mixing of clay, making of the art work, shaping the clay and creating compositions.
Throughout the course we will continue sharing tips & tricks to make this art form interesting for you and to ignite your creativity to experiment further.
So get set to learn this beautiful traditional art form and to discover the creative artist within you!

All the tools and material needed for the course are provided by us as a single ready-to-use kit. The ready-to-use kit shall reach your registered address by courier approximately within a week after you have bought it online here. The course duration starts after you have submitted the OTP you have received at the time of subscribing. So, please ensure you put in the OTP only after you have received the kit! Here’s the list of contents of the kit:-

  • MDF Round Base – 01
  • MDF Coasters – 03
  • Canvas – 01
  • Air Dry Clay – 06
  • Glue – 01
  • Mirrors Set – 03
  • Brush No. 000 – 01
  • Brush No. 03 – 01
  • Acrylic Colours – 01

Course Days : 25 Days

Course Duration : 20 Hours

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Course Price : ₹1499

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