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Why PENKRAFT® Online?

Penkraft Graded Lessons
Graded Lessons
Penkraft All Inclusive Fees
All Inclusive Fees
Penkraft Certified Courses
Certified Courses
Penkraft Online Courses

Graded Lessons

Each PENKRAFT® Online Course is rigorously designed as per scienific principles to ensure a uniform learning curve. You are required to satisfactorily complete each grade before progressing to the next one!

All Inclusive Fees

Your subscription to a PENKRAFT® online course covers all the material needed to undergo the course - be it the tools, the paper, the cloth, the MDF board,the tote bag, the inks, the colors, the canvas, the glue in ergonomics packages

Penkraft Online Calligraphy Course
Penkraft Online Gond Art Course

Certified Courses

Each PENKRAFT® online course is age - appropriate scientifically- designed certified course with global industry recognition!On successful completion the participant is awarded a certificate with its non duplicable serial number

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