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Dot Mandala

Dot Mandala

A mandala is a complex abstract design that is usually circular in form. In fact, "Mandala" is a Sanskrit word that means "Circle". Mandala generally has one identifiable centre point which emanates an array of symbols, shapes and forms. A mandala is a great tool for meditation and increasing self-awareness. Mandala Art helps you to boost concentration and focus. The creation of this art is beautiful, all the colours dot over the different surfaces will make you happy and content. This course will help you with the different colour combinations you can use as well as with the pick and drop technique you need to know in order to create the dot mandala art.
With Penkraft's Dot Mandala Online Teacher Training Course, you will learn Dot Mandala right from basics. It starts by learning & teaching the students how to hold the tool, how to dip it in colour, etc. Moreover, you'll learn how to do Dot Mandala art on the different surface material, like canvas, fabric, paper, and MDF Board. You shall be trained to teach the correct painting techniques needed to complete these artworks, and help the students to walk through that process from scratch!
In the live session, we not only discuss the various techniques of teaching this art form, but also the tips and tricks of marketing to ensure you get a steady flow of students!

All the tools and material needed for the course are provided by us at no additional charge. A read-to-use kit containing these tools & material shall reach your registered address by courier approximately within a week after you have subscribed for the course. The course duration starts after you have submitted the OTP you have received at the time of subscribing. So, please ensure you put in the OTP only after you have received the kit! Here’s the list of contents of the kit:-

  • Cartridge Papers – 03
  • Canvas – 01
  • Cloth Bag – 01
  • MDF Coasters – 02
  • Acrylic Colours – 01
  • Brush No. 000 – 01
  • Brush No. 03 – 01
  • Dotting tools – both
  • Mdf surface

Course Price : ₹ 5000

Course Days : 20 Days

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