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Knife Painting

Knife Painting

Knife Painting, or Palette knife painting is a term used to describe the impasto technique of applying paint to canvas using a painting knife. Vincent van Gogh is amongst the famous names known to use this method of art. By applying thick daubs of oil paint on canvas, he was able to achieve the swirling, textural work he became famous for. Today, many contemporary artists continue to use painting knives in the same way to create expressive works that appear to come out from the canvas.
The palette knife is not just a tool for mixing paint on your palette. You can actually use the palette knife to create some pretty stunning effects in your paintings which are nearly impossible with a brush. Many artists abandon paint brushes altogether in favor of the semi-flexible blades to create paintings that are full of rich texture and sweeping blends of color. Learning to paint with a knife can be a tricky skill to master, but we at Penkraft have designed this online course for you to get started with this art form, develop an ongoing interest in it, and master it over time! In this structured 20-hours certified course, you shall first learn about the knives used for the purpose of painting, strokes with knives, different styles, and finishes. Throughout the course, we keep sharing tips and tricks to make this experience more exhilarating!
Penkraft Online Live Knife Painting Teachers' Training Course is a certified course in which you shall learn to teach the students the basics about tools and material, usage of colors and then move on to creating this texture on different surfaces like- Canvas, MDF. All through the course, we share tips and tricks that makes your experience even more exciting. We also share a set of dos and don'ts to keep you right on track! During this training, we not only discuss the various techniques of teaching this art form, but also the tips and tricks of marketing to ensure you get a steady flow of students!

Course Duration : 15 Hours

Course Price : ₹ 10000

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