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Cut Nib Calligraphy


Calligraphy is an art related to writing, this form of writing is defined as the art of giving form to words in an expressive, harmonious and skilful manner. Modern Calligraphy is also considered to be a Fine Art. The artistic fonts we see on Weddings Invites, Events invites, font design or typography, the original head-lettered logo design, religious arts, hand-drawn graphics or commissioned calligraphic art, are all the flourishing forms of Cut Nib Calligraphy. This calligraphy course is a traditional course where you get to learn the entire Cut Nib Pen Calligraphy in detail. Calligraphy
“Penkraft's Online Calligraphy Teachers Training Course” is a certified course, in which you shall learn to teach the students on how to get started with quirky handwritten lettering styles. You shall be trained to teach the students, how to hold the tool, how to make thin & thick strokes using the tools, how to apply and release pressure technique for basic illustration. Alongside, you will learn different types of fonts like Gothic, Italic & Roman, in uppercase followed by words and sentences. Additionally, you will learn different compositions, decorating the borders & fonts, making the decorative pictures which can be taught to be used for greeting cards, invites, etc.
In the live session, we not only discuss the various techniques of teaching this art form, but also the tips and tricks of marketing to ensure you get a steady flow of students!

All the tools and material needed for the course are provided by us at no additional charge. A read-to-use kit containing these tools & material shall reach your registered address by courier approximately within a week after you have subscribed for the course. The course duration starts after you have submitted the OTP you have received at the time of subscribing. So, please ensure you put in the OTP only after you have received the kit! Here’s the list of contents of the kit:-

  • Penkraft Cut Nib Calligraphy TextBook – 01
  • Single-line Notebook – 01
  • Artline Calligraphy Pen - 01

Course Price : ₹ 5000

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